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Fort Lauderdale Attorney for Condominium Hurricane Insurance Litigation

Broward County Coverage Dispute Lawyer

Hurricane-related property damage can result in substantial and complex insurance coverage disputes between condominium associations and their insurance carriers, requiring the attention of experienced and knowledgeable insurance litigation attorneys.

I am Stuart R. Michelson, a Fort Lauderdale attorney handling condominium hurricane insurance litigation statewide. For more than a decade, I have helped condominium associations and other property owners pursue compensation for hurricane-related damage.

The Experience to Litigate High-Stakes Insurance Claims

Insurance companies place a particularly high priority on minimizing hurricane-related property damage claims by condominium associations because these associations typically carry more substantial and comprehensive insurance coverage than most individual homeowners.

To match the efforts of the insurance company, you need a lawyer with a comprehensive understanding of insurance law and extensive experience with insurance litigation.

Most of the lawyers who represent condominium associations in day-to-day transactions do not devote major parts of their practices to litigation. In contrast, I offer my clients the benefits of representation by an attorney with substantial trial and appeals experience.

A Statewide Reputation for Protecting the Rights of Property Owners

In 2004, I successfully argued the precedent-setting case of Mierzwa v. Florida Windstorm Underwriting Assoc. before the Florida 4th District Court of Appeal. Since then, I have represented hundreds of property owners in hurricane-related insurance litigation.

If your condominium or homeowners' association is seeking a lawyer to assist with a hurricane damage claim, please contact my office today to schedule a consultation.

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